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In 1984, the founding team established Techmation Co., Ltd. In Taiwan (known as Techmation Taiwan) and started the development of dial-type controller for injection machine, then continued focusing on the field of automated control of plastic machinery.

In 2001, Ningbo Techmation Co., Ltd. has been established.

In 2011, according to the company strategic planning, the restructuring of Techmation was completed; Ningbo Techmation, as the main body for the A-share listed, and Techmation Taiwan and Shanghai Spectrum as subsidiary, fully provide their respective advantages locating in three places cross-strait. In the same year, Techmation finished the share reform, changing its name to Ningbo Techmation Co., Ltd.

Techmation Taiwan, as leading R&D and consulting center, key parts procurement center and overseas sales service center of company, is mainly responsible for research and development, technical communication and the introduction of advanced technology, procurement of high quality of key parts, Taiwan local and overseas customer relationship maintenance and after-sales service, as well as overseas market promotion and marketing of the product. It makes full use of its easy to conduct business in foreign markets and the advantages of technical communication playing an important role in expanding overseas markets, staying close to industry leading edge technology, forming the world's advanced industry status.


Techmation has completed the global industry layout, with years of experience in cross-strait business operations. It possesses the global vision and formed efficient organization management structure by Techmation Ningbo - as the main body, Techmation Shanghai and Techmation Taiwan - as the two wings, Jinlai Hong Kong, Techmatioin software and many service points, as the support.

Now the company has more than 90 core intellectual property rights and several core technologies and actively participates in the formulation of several industry standards. "Techmation Plastic Machinery Control System Research and Development Center" is considered a "Provincial research and development center" and the company has been rated "High-tech enterprise", "Provincial model enterprise for patent" and awarded "Ningbo City Growth Star Enterprise" for many years.

The main products of Techmation

The main products of Techmation are plastic machinery control system, energy-saving servo system, network solution for manufacturing management of injection machines, iNet and related automation products and system solutions. Techmation continuously introduced advanced production and processing test equipment in the world these years, actively research and update testing tools, facilities to ensure the gradually improvement of production and smooth and stable of new product launch. At present, the market share of plastic machinery control system at home and abroad is at first place, it is the leader of the industry.

Plastic machinery control system

Today, Techmation has become one of the largest plastic machinery automatic control providers in China. Over the years, the sales volume of injection machine controller has ranked first in the field of domestic injection machine. Based on this technology, the company develops control system for other types of plastic machinery such as extruders, blow molding machine or die casting machine. At the time, the company is also actively involved in the development of integrated control modules for plastic machinery peripherals which include hot runner, power meter and robot arms.

Energy-saving servo system

A pioneering product that guides the plastic machinery industry toward energy saving and environmental protection. Currently, the independently developed hydraulic-electric hybrid servo energy-saving system has excellent performance and significant energy-saving effect, and that it is capable of saving 40% to 70% of energy when being compared to the traditional hydraulic system. At the same time, the company continues to conduct research on the development of system integration of multi-axis control, all-electric machine and other high-end plastic machines.

Network solution for manufacturing management of injection machines, iNet

A management system of plastic machinery that is end-user-oriented. Use the software of plastic machinery control system to link up several plastic machine through networks, achieving synchronized monitoring and production management of multiple equipments.
Starting from 2009, the 3G application is added to achieve audio-visual assisted maintenance, map positioning and real-time guided diagnostic functions; they are the essential tools for automation management of plastic product production plant, achieving a comprehensive upgrade in the field of industrial production.
Currently Techmation has service centers globally distributed in the United States, Brazil, Malaysia and India, providing the most timely and effective service for the global users of plastic machines. Techmation will always innovate in the higher-end technology to lead the development of plastic processing automation industry, hoping that automation can be commonly used in the environment and giving everyone a better environment.